Lip Steam Mask

Lip Steam Mask

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Fresh from Tokyo, this lip steam mask is a treat before you even use it. Carefully wrapped in silky paper inside a beautifully printed paper envelope, the sweet smelling, soft fabric mask has loops which slip neatly over your ears to keep it in place.

It is apparently ‘packed with moisture-retaining components such as collagen which are woven into its fabric’, and is supposed to help soften the skin on and around your lips.

According to the instructions, you wet the mask and heat it up for 10 seconds in the microwave. You then wear it over your ‘relaxed’ lips for about 3 minutes. The mask is reusable, so you can fold it back into its lovely envelope for next time.

I tried this in the bath, and again another day whilst working at my desk. I found the heat was lost very quickly, but the slight steam effect it produced did make my lips feel softer.

This mask cost ¥648 and is made by Makanai, who offer “beauty secrets unlocked from the best of Japan’s nature, combined with time tested recipes of wisdom’. The company name actually means ‘knowledge and supplies from the work place or kitchen’, and comes from the shared experience of women working in the gold leaf industry, who counteracted the effects of their harsh working conditions with home beauty remedies to help their skin. Having tried this I will be on the lookout for more of their range of beauty products.