Lip Stencils

Lip Stencils

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You can buy all manner of pencils and brushes to help you redefine the shape of your lips, thinning the contours, plumping out and enhancing where necessary, all before you apply the lip colour itself. Or you can try these…

Daughter #2 was game, but swiftly changed her mind. These are Korean, and Korean girls are notoriously doll-like and petite, yet the stencils were all enormous. Perfect if you fancy the ‘trout pout’ look or are some sort of Kardashian wannabe.

Even with the smallest stencil, daughter #2 ended up looking like she was auditioning for the circus and declared the result to resemble “the Kylie Jenner lip challenge gone wrong”. It seems safe to say these will not be in use again.

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