Lip Tattoo

Lip Tattoo

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I first saw this at 38,000 feet, in an airline shopping magazine, and was intrigued – but not enough to buy a pack of 3 at vast expense. Happily, just weeks later I spotted individual tubes at a more reasonable price in Sasa beauty store.

Clearly, this is another Korean invention, from Skinaz, whose brand slogan appears to be ‘dear pure soul’.  It promises to make dull, dark or pale lips look bright and healthy, using ‘unique patented technology’ to colour lips naturally using vegetable and flower extracts.

This “kissable’ 24 hour lip tattoo looks very like a normal tube of coloured lip gloss, and slides easily but wetly onto clean lips. You then have to wait 10-15 minutes for the colour to take effect, during which time there is a strange, slightly tingly sensation as the product dries.

This is where the fun starts, because if you have kept your mouth closed you will find your lips completely glued together. The colour needs to be peeled carefully away from your lips, lifting off like a film of dried glue. It’s a bit like taking a plaster off, you find yourself having to hold down the skin of your lip as you ease the product away, then rub off the sticky fragments that have been left behind.

The end result is actually pretty good. Left as is, it looks like you have applied a light coat of lipstick. If you pat your lips with a tissue, you end up with a subtle shade that simply enhances your natural lip colour. As advertised, the whole effect only lasts one day.

It became clear why this was being sold in sets of 3… by the time daughter #2 and I had played around with it, (before, during and after pictures below…) almost half the tube was already gone. It was an amusing gimmick, though, and will almost certainly be used again.

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