Litter – or is it art?

Litter – or is it art?

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There’s an old joke here in Singapore that this is a ‘fine’ city – mostly because you can be fined fairly large amounts for flouting the many laws which regulate public behaviour. These include the likes of jay walking, failing to flush a public toilet, and – of course – littering. Drop a snack wrapper or a coffee cup, and you risk a fine which starts at S$2,000 for a first offence, going all the way up to S$10,000 plus a possible 12 hour corrective work order for repeat convictions. People moan and make jokes, but the vast majority obey the rules, with the obvious result that Singapore is one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world.

That said, there are a few rebels out there… and this utility pole on the roadside by the National Museum always makes me smile. To visit the museum galleries, even if you are a local resident and exempt from payment, you need a sticker, the colour of which changes every day. And you know how it is with stickers – you exit the museum and you don’t want to leave it there on your jacket  advertising where you have been. But where to put it? Someone clearly walked out of the museum and, whilst waiting to cross the road (without jay walking), removed their sticker and popped it on the pole. Other people followed suit and, in the finest traditions of spontaneous street art, it is now plastered with literally hundreds of coloured squares.

The Singapore clean-up squad will doubtless get here very soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this harmless but colourful bit of sticker-bombing fun.