Magic Steam Hair Mask

Magic Steam Hair Mask

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This hair mask looked like it might be fun. I was particularly taken by the promise of ‘magic steam’ emblazoned on the package, although since most of the rest was in Korean I had to take the details of this on trust.

Once out of the packet it did not look very attractive – the ‘bag’ appeared very big and shapeless, and there seemed to be very little inside except for a few white blobs scattered around. But it fit reasonably well around my head, with plenty of room left in the bag for longer hair than mine. The sticky strip with which to hold it tightly closed was a bit tricky, although perhaps I should have spent more time checking out the mechanics of it before I started fumbling round on top of my head with something I could not see.

The instructions say to shampoo first, towel dry, fasten the bag in place then gently massage your head. I did all these things, then left the treatment to do its thing whilst I had a nice long shower. However, I do have to say that not only was there no steam, but my head felt slightly cold and prickly in the bag and I was very glad to pull it off after 10 minutes or so.

Despite there not seeming to be a lot of product in the bag, my hair felt thick with grease when I removed it, and it all smelled distinctly like hair spray. It took a while to rinse it out, and as there was no mention of applying the usual conditioner afterwards, I simply let it dry.

Several hours later, there was no smell and my hair looked very shiny. It did not feel as soft as usual, though, perhaps because I did not use my normal finishing touch of  L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil (which really is magic).

Final verdict: worth using as an occasional treatment, for the shine, but not a pleasant enough experience to incorporate into a more regular routine.