Magnetic Memo

Magnetic Memo

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I so wish I could tell you these were amazing… I was really intrigued when I found them in the Bangkok branch of Loft, one of my favourite Japanese stores. Made in Finland by Tesla Amazing, they promise to stick on any smooth surface using a static charge instead of glue, meaning they are more environmentally friendly and not about to leave behind a damaging sticky mark.

The company, which is actually based in Estonia, realised that sticky notes had not been improved since their invention in the 1960s, and wanted to bring out a ‘new generation of paper truly worth of the 21st century’. It named itself after the great inventor Nikola Tesla and raised the start-up capital on Kickstarter.

Hundreds of experiments later, this is the result. The pads come in various sizes and 8 colours, and the pages can be used normally on the coloured side or reused endlessly on the dry erasable white side. They looked very cool and I snapped up several even though they are fairly expensive – $3.20 for the smallest memo pad up to $100.80 for 100 sheets of printable paper.

Sadly, I soon found that although they do indeed stick to walls, doors and windows, they don’t stay there very long, and once you have moved them around a few times they fail to stick at all. Which is a great shame, as they are a splendid idea. I am putting their failure down to the humid Singapore climate, and (since I mailed most of them off as gifts) hope that they work better elsewhere!