Make Your Sandal

Make Your Sandal

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Always a fan of some item you can customise at will, I was delighted by these sandals. MYS stands for Make Your Sandal, an Australian firm which gives you the pieces to do just that: a selection of basic soles with loops along the edges, a wide range of colourful  straps and ‘socks’ to thread through those loops in whatever style you choose, plus a collection of accessories for variety and decoration. You can mix and match the colours, twist and tie the straps in endless combinations, and produce a different pair of sandals every day – ideal for saving space on your travels.

The sandal bases range from AU$32-55, each pair of straps from AU$8-18, and the accessories from AU$6-14. There are plenty of ideas on the website for how to play with these, with video tutorials explaining the more complicated designs. It is all a lot of fun to play around with.

One key thing for me is that the straps are really soft, so you get none of the painful spots between your toes which can happen when you wear standard flip flops all day. There is also no reason why you can’t use your own ribbons or laces to match an outfit or vary the look. This one is a winner!