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M&M Flavours

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It was all very exciting when I first took daughters #1 and #2 to Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York, and they discovered the big plastic dispensing tubes of M&Ms in a rainbow of different colours. Trouble was, they all tasted just the same inside.

Several years later, it is easy to find these sugar coated chocolate beans in flavours like mint, orange and sometimes even raspberry (on special occasions). But these two new and surprising flavours are a lot more interesting – both toffee apple and pineapple are very different and actually taste pretty good. Long may they last on the shelves of Singapore’s convenience stores!

Rumour has it that banana flavour is also available sometimes, and I am wondering hopefully if this is going to turn into something like the joy of Japanese-style KitKats, where the humble chocolate wafer bar now comes in literally dozens of bizarre flavours…