Mood Boosting Makeup

Mood Boosting Makeup

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I bought these (in Bangkok, bizarrely) because the whole idea of makeup which can change your mood was simply hilarious. Further research gave me a whole back story to this brand which made it even more interesting.

Physician’s Formula is American, has been around since 1937, and was apparently started by allergy doctor Frank Crandall because his wife had sensitive skin.

So these are high quality, hypo allergenic products which also try to be innovative and fun. The blusher and powder here contain plant extracts which are supposed to mimic the effect of endorphins to boost your mood, whilst also providing a healthy glow.

As you can see from the photos, the palettes are a delightful array of different coloured heart shapes, and also have the uplifting scent of violets. There is even a handy brush and mirror in a compartment underneath.

At US$11.95 to 13.95, they are not the cheapest cosmetics you can buy, but they have to be some of the more unusual. I have had nothing but good reports from daughter #1, who tried them first, and will be on the lookout for more from this firm.