Move Inside the Carriage

Move Inside the Carriage

prosperity spot mrt

I’m sure every mass transit system in the world has this problem – no-one wants to be stuck in the middle of the car in the rush hour jam and potentially miss their stop. So everyone crowds round the doors instead, making it even harder to get on and off the train.

There are always signs imploring you to move down inside the carriage, and often a recorded announcement at every station as well. In Singapore they have launched a set of animated characters who sing and dance as they demonstrate the way to ride the MRT with courtesy and consideration (see above right for ‘MoveInMartin). You can watch them on the television monitors both on the platform and in the train, then marvel at their complete lack of impact on the general population.

This particular idea seemed to work, however, taking advantage of local fascination with anything that might bring good luck. By adding a ‘Prosperity Spot’ in the exact centre of the carriage, the transport authority managed to hit on a perfect way to ease crowding by the doors during the hectic Chinese New Year period.

I was lucky to catch this spot empty near the end of the line, and was greatly amused. It’s a shame they took it away again once the holidays were over.