pan 3 pan 2 pan 5

How to do a full English breakfast for one without using every pan in the kitchen? This may be the answer…

It’s a frying pan with compartments, so you can cook 3 different items at the same time, on the same ring, ideal for when you fancy a fry-up without all the washing up.

I found this in Loft in Tokyo, and love both the idea and the bright pink colour. Apparently you can also get a giant 5 compartment version, which is made up of wider, ‘square’, shapes rather than the elongated rectangles here. Mind you, it is hard to imagine getting everything to cook evenly on an normal ring with a pan as big as that one seems to be.

My smaller pan works a treat, especially if you are not so fussy and are prepared to use the same spatula to turn all the items you are cooking. The non-stick coating cleans up easily and although it wasn’t exactly cheap, it has been worth every yen.