Nail Masks

Nail Masks

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These are an interesting variation on a theme…

I love the hand masks that you can wear like gloves whilst relaxing – say watching TV or with a book. These looked like more specific versions of the same thing, 10 tiny pocket shaped masks to slide over each fingertip to nourish the cuticle and nails.

They do a nice job, too, although there is one slight snag. Whereas the hand masks have the liquid product safely contained inside a plastic outer layer, so you can get on with other things whilst wearing them, the nail mask were just wet fabric, so I had to sit and hold my hands in the air whilst they were on.

The masks are supposed to be worn for 10-15 minutes, then the remaining product massaged into the nails. I did this at night, and my nails were still smooth and shiny 24 hours later, despite a busy day which included swimming, cleaning the floor and washing up. Next time I will have some of those thin plastic disposable gloves standing by, so I can be doing something else whilst wearing them.