Nanoblock Postcards

Nanoblock Postcards

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Nanoblocks – a miniature variation on Lego-style building bricks – first went on the market in Japan almost 10 years ago. You can buy boxes of bricks to make up your own designs, or small packets with the instructions for just a single colourful creation. (Pokémon characters are a very popular choice…) I have even seen the kits, with motors, to build trains which actually run on special tracks.

My favourite, however, is the nanoblock postcard – a greeting with a project attached! Thicker than your average postcard, obviously, but because the bricks are so tiny, not by much. You can write your message on the back, then stamp and mail it in the usual way. The bricks are lined up neatly in a space cut out of the card, and the sleeve which covers the card has the instructions printed on the inside.

There are many different versions to collect, including seasonal specials eg for Christmas, Hina Matsuri and Chinese New Year. This cute kitten, complete with present, could serve for a birthday or just for fun, and only took around half an hour to construct. It is true that the instructions are all in Japanese, but the pictures are very clear and once you understand how to build up the layers using the coloured stars for guidance, they are reasonably easy to follow. The trickiest part is picking up the very smallest pieces…

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