No Smoking!

No Smoking!

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Life has to be tough for committed smokers these days – so many public places have a ‘no smoking’ policy that it must be a rare occasion to find somewhere outside your own home to enjoy a cigarette in peace.

For those of us who hate the habit, this is a wonderful thing, but it does lead to some awkward moments. What do you do when you find someone sneaking a quick smoke where they are not supposed to? Complaints and even nasty looks can go down very badly, especially when you are dealing with a stranger who is already on the (guilty) defensive.

Which is why I was tickled by this device in the Ladies at Harbour City in Hong Kong. You don’t need to say a thing, just press the button on the wall and it triggers a recorded announcement to remind the miscreant that smoking is not allowed. Fine – HK$5,000. That’s telling them!