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popper sandals

How to get round that packing problem of needing different shoes to go with different outfits on your trip? This could be a solution…

Onesole is just that – you buy a single set of shoe soles then team them with a huge variety of interchangeable pop-on-and-off tops. The soles are made from comfortable polyurethane, the tops are stretchy but non-shrink neoprene, and both are impervious to rain.

They were invented by American pharmacist Dominique McClain Barteet, and are sold in more than 80 countries, although you can also buy from the full collection online. Different colours and heel heights are available, plus literally thousands of colourful snap on tops, and they cost upwards of US$85 for the basic set although there are special package deals, too.

I went for the simplest, flat, soles with a small selection of plain and patterned tops, and have had some fun with them. There’s a knack to popping the soles on, and especially off, without hurting your fingers, but that means they are very unlikely to come apart whilst you are walking. I like the fact that I can wear them in our tropical rain without any ill effects, and that they wash well and dry quickly – pretty much what you would expect considering they are made from wetsuit material.

My only complaint is that the soles tend to slap against my feet as I walk, the same way flip flops do, but with rather more noise. That means I prefer not to wear them when I am rushing around on a normal day, but find them perfect for holiday time, pottering between pool, bar and hotel room. And anything that saves on suitcase space is a winner for me!