Onsen Egg Maker

Onsen Egg Maker

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In my experience, you have to be fairly confident in your cooking abilities to tackle a poached egg – it can be really tricky to get it right without making a hideous mess in the pan, or producing some mutant result with white trailing in all directions.

Yet poached eggs are so much lower calorie and healthier than any version that has been in the frying pan…

Hence I was delighted to discover this ‘poach in the microwave’ gadget from Daiso. It is quick and easy to use, works a treat and is no trouble to clean up afterwards. You simply crack the egg into the mould, poke a couple of holes in the yolk (so it does not explode), and cover it with water. Just 50 seconds later, less time than it takes to toast a slice of bread, your egg is ready. Drain the water carefully through the handy holes, and your egg is ready to serve.

I am not sure why this is called an onsen egg maker, since traditionally that means an egg cooked in hot spring water, but let us not quibble over the name… this product works really well and costs a bargain S$2.

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