Oreo Cadbury’s

Oreo Cadbury’s

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I have to confess that the ‘Limited Edition’ on the packet is what persuaded me to pop these into my shopping basket at the supermarket. I don’t especially like Oreo cookies, but anything a bit different always catches my eye and I thought I might be surprised.

(Oreos are unaccountably popular in Asia, and daughter #1 must have eaten her weight in them as the next best thing to breakfast on various challenging Julietours excursions into darkest China…)

Cadbury’s may be famously British, but out here it usually comes from Australia and these bars are no exception. Purists swear they can taste a huge difference between ‘real’ and ‘colonial’ Cadbury’s, but when the chocolate is filled with flavoured cream and crumbled cookie it is all so far from the original that comparison is pointless.

It would have been nice to have smaller bars of these particular flavours, as I suspect the remains will be sitting in my fridge for weeks. Not that there was anything especially wrong with them… although the strawberry and mint flavourings tasted a bit odd and I didn’t really enjoy the gritty texture of the cookie crumbs. The verdict from daughter #2 was a grudging ‘it’s alright’, but no-one ate more than a single square each, which is a fairly damning judgement from a family of chocoholics.