Oreo Cheese Cake Frappe

Oreo Cheese Cake Frappe

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This one is all about the picture. I feel bad laughing about it, but this is a classic case of cultural misunderstanding and I am sure I would make some similarly amusing error if I tried to advertise anything in a different language. J Co is an Indonesian company specialising in drinks and donuts, which has expanded into several other SE Asian countries, and this is one of their latest offerings:

Oreo Cheese Cake Frappe, with matching Cheese Cakelicious donut – both of which sound fine, although not when you are desperate for breakfast after a night in a lousy Jakarta hotel. I had a cup of tea instead, and a croissant from the shop next door. But look at the illustration, with the chunks of yellow ‘Swiss’ cheese sitting beside the Oreo cookies. Clearly, the artist has either never tasted a classic cheesecake, or could not persuade the boss that this looked slightly odd.

Funnily enough, I have seen something very similar in a supermarket in Batam, only this was on a packet of ‘cheese and chocolate chip’ cookies (which I did not buy, either).

Maybe it really was Swiss cheese… maybe I need to try it next time…