Orvis Skirts

Orvis Skirts

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The more I travel, the less interested I am in lugging heavy suitcases around with me, so the lighter I can pack the better. And living in Singapore means it is really easy to find last minute, bargain, flights to places around the region – making weekend trips or short breaks a regular possibility.

So, if I can jet off with just a hand carry bag, life is very much easier and I don’t waste time in airports waiting for baggage to appear. Any clothing items which can help me do this are a winner.

So here are my favourite travelling skirts, from American clothing firm Orvis. They are light and floaty, but each one is actually 2 very thin skirts sewn together at the top, so you can turn them inside out for a totally different look.

I have several of these, one of which is almost certain to be in my bag when I know I will want something smart but flattering for a nice restaurant one evening and a cocktail bar the next. They take up the same space as a single skirt but make it look like I have brought 2 different items, and being so thin, if I need to wash them out they dry very quickly.

They aren’t cheap, at about US$90, but I have found them to be worth every penny.