Parrot Markers

Parrot Markers

parrot 1 parrot 2 parrot 3

Korea may rule the beauty world right now, but Japan has always had the stationery market tied up. There are enough wonderful and unusual items on sale to satisfy even the most jaded consumer, and I must confess my desk conceals a treasure trove of cool and quirky bits and pieces I have found impossible to resist.

Here is one idea which – although I never knew I needed it – I now cannot manage without…

I like to go through cookery books, magazines and suchlike, marking up pages I’d like to come back to later. Particular recipes, some new item to go look for in the shops or an idea for a weekend trip, for example. The trouble is, sometimes I have marked a page, but when I look again later, I don’t remember which article on it originally caught my eye.

This is the answer: cute sticky marker tabs with a detachable pointy end. Stick the point on the page at the item you have noticed, hold it down and pull away the top part, which you then use in the usual way. The parrots here are my favourite, but the veggies are perfect for recipes, and the markers with space to make notes on are beyond useful. These came from the amazing Tokyu Hands, and cost ¥360 per packet, which is so cheap I bought all 3.

(The yak, by the way, is saying “yak?”)