Piss Bolls (and Nockers)

Piss Bolls (and Nockers)

Category : Food

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These made me laugh so much that I had to buy them, from a convenience store in a Jakarta suburb. I should explain at the outset that pisang means banana over there, and that most local shoppers would see nothing funny in the contraction that makes the name. In my defence, I was out to cheer myself up after checking in to a horrible hotel on a trip planned less than 24 hours ahead, which is why my basket also contained a chocolate bar called Nockers.

It would be nice to tell you that Piss Bolls are delicious, and distracted me from the wildlife in the bathroom, but sadly I cannot. I am not quite sure what I was expecting, but something tasting of banana might have been nice. Instead, these were crunchy, hollow, and had a flavour more like a greasy ice cream cone. But I am sure the ants enjoyed them.

The Nockers bar was equally tasteless, although it looked so much like it might have been a local Snickers Bar that I had my hopes up. I am sure I deserved my disappointment, as punishment for making fun …