Ppong Patch

Ppong Patch

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No, that isn’t a spelling mistake, and I have no idea how this after-sun treatment came by such a bizarre name.

From the Miraelo company, which is Korean, this is a Secret Girl product, as in: ‘a trendy secret girl has a unique secret method’ – to quote from a translation of the instructions on the packet.

According to the list of ingredients, the flower shaped patches are soaked in a secret hydra complex including extracts of cucumber, aloe, potato and 12 kinds of moisturising ingredients. Applied to sunburned shoulders, they hydrate and soothe the damaged areas.

We were able to try these out after daughter #2 forgot to apply sun cream before an afternoon at a water park. Her shoulders were very hot, red and sore, but after a spell wearing the patches, her skin was amazingly cool to the touch and a lot less painful.

This is not a completely miraculous product, however, and it took a few more days and multiple applications of the aloe vera gel I keep in the fridge before the red faded. But if I’d bought more than one packet of these patches, I feel sure they would have come in very handy.