Queue Machine

Queue Machine

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Queues can be a nightmare, especially when you can’t get into your favourite restaurant for brunch. Remember the days when you gave your name to a waitress with a clipboard by the door, or took a ticket, then stood around waiting for your number to come up? Unsurprisingly, technology is rendering all this obsolete.

Popping up in just one or two of the most popular places, but surely destined to be ubiquitous before too long, is the queue machine.

You enter your name and phone number, specify how many you are and what you want – table inside or out? Willing to share? – and then you can wander off to shop or stroll. Five minutes before your table is ready you will get an automated text warning you to hurry back or lose your spot.

We’ve tried this out and it works really well. Surely a sign of things to come!