Rainbow Snow

Rainbow Snow

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The café is called WooW and ‘wow’ pretty much sums up what it serves – a rainbow of sweet treats that proved impossible to walk past (even though I had just had lunch followed by tea and cake).

Ok, I admit it, I was weak… but oh, it was worth it, even though I had to skip dinner as penance.

The range of individual colours and flavours provided a choice almost too hard to make, so it had to be the complete rainbow of flavoured shaved ice, topped with as many extras as could reasonably be spooned on top.

And you can really go mad here, with almost 30 different toppings to choose from including chocolates, sweets, fruit, ice cream scoops and even honeycomb. That’s on top of your shaved ice, vanilla ice cream and raindrop jellies.

Each colour of shaved ice has a different flavour, from strawberry and mango at the bottom to purple taro on the top, and (unlike with the slightly disappointing local ‘ice kacang’), you really can tell the difference between them. The only problem is that the cups it all comes in are so top heavy you have to hold on tight as you dig in to avoid toppling your masterpiece all over the table.

In all honesty, one of these is enough for at least 2 people, especially as the more toppings you add the more the price goes up. Still, this beauty cost less than S$15 and was a total pleasure to eat. Daughters #1 and #2 often accuse me of wanting to see only fairies and unicorns – this was fairies and unicorns in a cup!