Secret Bars

Secret Bars

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This is becoming a really popular trend, especially in Asia, where every big city seems to have a handful of ‘secret’ bars. Of course, if you already know they exist, maybe they are not so secret after all, but it can still be lots of fun tracking them down and working out how to get in. Often there is a password, hidden somewhere on a Facebook page; sometimes you’ll find a guy loitering down a back alley who is there to point you in the right direction.

Pictured above left, this Bangkok phone booth, round some corners and down a side street off Sukhumvit soi 11, needed the right number dialling in the otherwise out-of-service phone. The wall at the side turned out to be a door which clicked open with the code, giving access to a Cuban-style speakeasy.

Other favourite secret bars include one in Singapore where the password gets you through a wall panel in a supposed tailor’s shop, then via a mirrored ‘changing room’ into a quirky cocktail bar. Another, see above centre and right, has odd symbols on the pavement and wall to point the way down a sinister looking basement staircase. Rumour has it that in Manila there is a hidden bar through the back of a 7-11 storeroom, but I confess we did not manage to get there.

These places are not exactly advertised, so type ‘secret bar in (wherever you are)’ into your search engine, and follow the clues!