Security Undies

Security Undies

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Keeping your valuables safe is a real worry when you travel, and it is a rare holidaymaker who has not had something stolen from a backpack or hotel room. Heart breaking as it is to lose all your photos when a camera, phone or laptop goes missing, the real nightmare is when your money, credit cards or passport are taken.

Many travellers swear by a ‘bum bag’ or the sort of pouch which can be slung round your neck or carried under your arm. The trouble is, their obvious bulge is a clear target for pickpockets or muggers as well as making you look fat. And whilst you can buy belts with a secret compartment to hide away emergency cash, I am always afraid I will accidentally throw mine into the wash along with my trousers.

What I do like, however, is these travel underclothes with zippered pockets designed to hold passport, cash and cards securely and out of sight. Use these, and you can carry just enough money for the day in your pockets or a normal bag, whilst your main stash stays safe. The vest and shorts I have are comfortable, wash well, and are just the thing when you need to take a lot of cash for your trip. I bought them online from for S$41 and S$34 respectively.