Shoe Bands

Shoe Bands

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The idea is a sound one – thick plastic bands that slide over a shoe to hold it in place on your foot. If you have ever suffered the annoyance of your feet constantly lifting out of loose slip-on shoes, then this must be worth a try.

And technically, they work, although I say that with reservations.

I found these ‘stylish and functional’ offerings in Daiso, the ever-entertaining Japanese version of the £1 shop, for their standard Singapore price of S$2. The bands are sturdy enough not to come apart as soon as you put them on, and being clear they are more or less invisible. Depending on what you are wearing, they could also be covered up completely by your trousers.

That said, they were very tight, although that may have something to do with the size of my larger than Asian feet. I found they soon cut off the circulation to my toes, and at the same time were creasing the sides of my shoes. Which is why I did not wear them long enough to discover how soon the plastic would wear away on the pavement during a normal day.

But if you had small feet, and were needing something for a civilised evening out – say in a carpeted restaurant or similar, these may well work a treat.