Silicone Socks

Silicone Socks

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Well, not exactly socks so much as heel covers, made of stretchy pink silicone which promises to transform your dry, cracked heels and leave them ‘moist, smooth and velvety ’.

Apparently you do not even need to apply anything else for this to happen, just slip them on after your bath and wait 15 minutes. I did, however, decide to boost the effectiveness of these ‘socks’ by lathering on some moisturiser first.

Surprisingly, I found these worked really well, although the silicone was not quite stretchy enough to cope with my fairly large feet in a completely comfortable way. The added moisturiser also made the socks very squelchy, so I soon gave up trying to walk anywhere safely and had to wait out the 15 minutes sitting down.

That said, I was very surprised when I removed them, to find the cream had soaked in fully – there was none left on the inside of the socks and my heels were soft and moisturised rather than damp and sticky. The socks then washed easily and dried out fast, ready to be used again.

At S$2 from the ever entertaining Daiso, these are quite a find.

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