Skyline Lashes

Skyline Lashes

There’s a bit of a fashion in Asia right now for things that look British. I have no idea why and hardly like to ask, but there it is…

So, it is common to see people sporting T shirts, bags and even shoes decorated with Union Jacks or famous London landmarks.

These false eyelashes really stopped me in my tracks, however, in a fashionable Hong Kong mall.

Huge, papery, and looking like you’d have a job keeping your eyes open once you had them on, these ‘So London’ skyline lashes enable you to decorate your lids with the London Eye, Big Ben, the Gherkin and even Tower Bridge with a boat passing underneath.

As I’ve never seen anyone actually wearing these, I’m not clear whether you are supposed to use the whole lot at once or snip off one landmark at a time to use as an accent on big nights out.

Other versions, with flowers and swirls, were also available, looking equally large and daunting. But although I found them startlingly artistic, I’ve never had any luck making false eyelashes stay in place, and was not going to shell out HK$135 to try again with these.