Snow Bear

Snow Bear

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It’s very hot at the moment in Singapore, by which I mean even hotter than usual. If you have to go outside, you find yourself pausing by every large store to enjoy the cool of air conditioning escaping from the open doors.

On Orchard Rd, the biggest shopping street in town, the best possible place to chill is Ice Lab. Here, in the cool white surroundings of a Korean bingsu café, it is actually snowing inside.

No kidding, a machine embedded in the ceiling, just like the ones in the kitchen churning out the soft flakes of frozen milk ice that forms the basis of bingsu desserts, turns constantly to shower a cute white bear with ‘snow’. The counter all around the bear, whose face is turned up to catch the snowflakes in his open mouth, gets a regular dusting of shaved ice as well, but it is all part of the fun and very refreshing.

One bowl of dessert is enough to feed a whole table, so it’s hard for one person to eat it all. But as my mango bingsu was so delicious, heaped with fresh mango and banana, with creamy mango ice cream and mango syrup on top, it was a close run thing and just as well I had skipped lunch. At S$15.50 for a single bowl, this is not a cheap treat, but the café as a whole is such a delight that it was worth every cent.

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