Sole Sap Sheets

Sole Sap Sheets

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These promised me the double effect of natural sap power and negative ions, for relaxation and to refresh. According to the instructions, “the sap absorbs excessive moisture in the body from the soles, and the effect of the negative ions in tourmaline powder refreshes your body and mind.”

The packet contains 2 sachets of powder, plus sticky sheets to fix them to the soles of your feet (or shoulders, elbows, back or knees). The idea is to put them on after your evening bath, then wear them overnight, although not for more than 6 hours.

I actually took them off after less than 2 hours, as I found them to be fairly uncomfortable – they became quite hot, and the sachets seemed to harden as they drew the moisture from my feet. They also turned a nasty brown colour, which could possibly be impurities being removed, or just what happens to the tourmaline, tree vinegar and starch inside when they are exposed to the air. My feet were also so sticky when I took these off, I found myself bringing the bath mat with me out of the bathroom, and had to scrub them clean with a wet towel. Not especially relaxing…

But, while I cannot believe these really have any effect, I will say that trying them was an interesting experience and at just S$2 from Daiso, I can’t complain at the price. (See below for the horrible aftermath – if you can bear to look…)

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