Sparkling Mineral Powder

Sparkling Mineral Powder

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One of the main selling points of products from Korean firm Innisfree is that they are made from the natural plants and minerals of ‘pure’ Jeju Island.

This facial wash, which you mix together yourself before using, is ‘enriched with sparkling, thermal  mineral water’ from Jeju, with carbonated bubbles that ‘deliver moisture and brighten the skin’.

This all sounded fascinating, and I was keen to try it out. The packet contained 2 smaller sachets of powder, with the instructions to dissolve the first in 1.5 litres of water before stirring in the second. Packet 1 held a fine powder, packet 2 was similar but with a coarser grain. When mixed together, the result was a wild fizz of bubbles, see above right, which erupted again every time I stirred up the water with my hands onto my face.

Fairly entertaining, until it started going up my nose and into my eyes and mouth, at which point it became clear that the main ingredient was bicarbonate of soda. Still, I gave it my best shot, although putting my face underwater as suggested was not a particularly amusing experience and was swiftly curtailed. I was glad to be rinsing it all off with fresh water afterwards, and could not wait to get moisturiser and especially lipsil onto my suddenly super dry skin.

I must say, though, that my skin did seem brighter afterwards, and felt very soft, so – despite the temporary discomfort – this product might actually do what it says. Not bad for S$3.50.