Sticky Tracing Paper

Sticky Tracing Paper

tracing 1 tracing 2 tracing 3

This is one of the smartest things I have seen for a while – tracing paper that actually stays in one place whilst you work. One of the most annoying things about Geography O-Level homework used to be trying to make a fair copy of maps whilst battling to keep all your pencil tracings lined up. One small slip of the paper as you turned the map around, and you could end up with quite a mess. As I was never the most artistic (or patient) person, my map book was less than impressive.

If only this sort of thing had been around. This little folder of tracing paper sheets is barely larger than 2 credit cards side by side, but larger sizes must also exist. Using what I can only describe as ‘post-it note’ technology, each sheet peels off and can be stuck over the thing you want to trace, held in place by a strip of the same re-stickable leave-no-trace self-adhesive. You can move things around, leave it and come back later, and it will still be in exactly the same place on the page.

This is a pocket sized pack, with the tracing paper neatly contained within a plastic folding booklet, and cost just S$2 at Daiso.