Stripy Lipstick

Stripy Lipstick

Category : Beauty

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This lipstick with its three bands of colour was way too intriguing to leave behind on the shelf of the Bangkok store where I spotted it, especially when I had the undivided attention of a ‘katoey’ shop assistant in full hair-tossing, lip-pouting mode, to help me choose the right one.

The idea is that, by using this, you can apply lip balm, colour and gloss in one stroke, and it does glide on very easily to leave your lips feeling soft and nourished. The colour was a bit subtle, though, which I suppose means that you could use this as a daytime product to give you just a hint of lipstick instead of sticking to your usual salve.

I like it, I enjoyed the experience of buying it even more, so even if it just sits on my bathroom shelf it makes me smile at a happy memory.