Sushi Santa

Sushi Santa

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sushi santa

OK, I admit I am showing off, but these were hand made by daughter #1 and myself at a cooking class in Singapore just before Christmas. In fact, they were simpler to make than might appear – you just have to have a picture in your head of what the cross section will look like once you bundle up all the rolls of seaweed-wrapped rice you have made.

These Santas were constructed with 5 slim rolls of white rice, one rounded rectangle of white rice, a square of soy sauce tinged rice and a triangle tinted red. Position them carefully, encase the whole lot in a final sheet of nori seaweed, and you have a chunky roll which can then be sliced. The details of eyes and nose were cut out of seaweed or bits of deconstructed crabstick, and added afterwards.

Once you know how this works, the design possibilities are endless!