Sushi Stools

Sushi Stools

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It’s always nice when cafes and restaurants make an effort to be a little different, and set themselves above the pack. In places with a huge amount of competition – like in Singapore, where the vast majority either eat out or bring home takeaway – it all helps entice a few more customers through the doors.

This particular sushi bar caught my eye because it manages to be cute and witty without going over the top. It’s in a high traffic area along with other cafes above a busy MRT station, with a public corridor running between counter and tables. Any furniture needs to be neat and small enough to tuck away easily and not impede passersby, whilst still providing a decent place to sit down and enjoy a quick snack. I think these stools do the trick perfectly.

Their drum shape is ideally suited to be turned into the classic ‘maki’-style sushi roll, dark sides to represent the ‘nori’ seaweed, a picture of rice with different fillings decorating the top. It helps that their sushi and other Japanese snacks are tasty as well as being good value, but full marks to the designer at Umi Sushi who came up with this idea.