Joyous Ear Pick

Joyous Ear Pick

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Any self-respecting doctor will tell you that the smallest thing you should put inside your ear is your elbow. Not that I know anybody who follows this rule, because the temptation to twiddle about with a cotton bud after a shower is almost irresistible…

And in certain places – notably India and Nepal, where professional ear cleaners wander the streets with their little bag of tools touting for business – scouring out the ear canal is an important part of your hygiene routine.

Since I was grabbed in Kathmandu and subjected to an unexpected and unwelcome ‘sample’ scrape round one ear (not a painless process!), I have been rather wary of those ear picks which end in little scoops for removing wax and dirt. The possibility of doing your ear a mischief with them seemed high.

But then I saw this neat little travel scoop, with a lid and a clip to make it easy to slip into your pocket for on the go cleaning. I’m not going to use it, but it pleases me enormously that such things exist… From 7-11 in Bangkok, where you can get virtually everything you need in miniature for those spontaneous not-going-home-tonight adventures.