Heels Diva

Heels Diva

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Singapore is a great place for dressing up. A typical outfit for a day at the office here seems to be the sort of cocktail dress and high heels combo that you’d probably only see at Christmas in the UK, and  makes morning rush hour on the MRT a fascinating experience.

If you are already dressed to kill by breakfast, you need a great deal more bling in your handbag to carry you on from work to a night out. This is where these shoe accessories come in.

From Heels Diva, amongst other brands, they come as a variety of clips, chains and even heel wraps which you can slip on in seconds to transform your shoes into something special. The clips in particular can be added to front, back or sides of your shoes to suit your current fancy. All of them are small, light, and easy to pop into place.

They aren’t even terribly expensive, with prices ranging from S$20 to S$40, so it is easy to build up a small wardrobe of different designs which makes it look like you own way more pairs of evening shoes than you actually do. One or two in your suitcase can also transform the single pair of heels you packed to cover a variety of unexpectedly smart situations on a holiday or business trip.

We love these!

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Lip Stencils

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You can buy all manner of pencils and brushes to help you redefine the shape of your lips, thinning the contours, plumping out and enhancing where necessary, all before you apply the lip colour itself. Or you can try these…

Daughter #2 was game, but swiftly changed her mind. These are Korean, and Korean girls are notoriously doll-like and petite, yet the stencils were all enormous. Perfect if you fancy the ‘trout pout’ look or are some sort of Kardashian wannabe.

Even with the smallest stencil, daughter #2 ended up looking like she was auditioning for the circus and declared the result to resemble “the Kylie Jenner lip challenge gone wrong”. It seems safe to say these will not be in use again.

lip-stencil-4 lip-stencil-2 lip-stencil-1

Dragon Ear Cuffs

dragon-4 dragon-ear-5

It must have something to do with Game of Thrones, but I am seeing dragons everywhere. Take these fabulous ear cuffs, which slip easily over the edge of your ear and give you the whole fierce dragon-taming look in seconds.

These came from the immense and magical 24 hour emporium that is the Mustafa Centre in Singapore, for a ridiculously low S$4.95, and could not be left behind.

Daughters #1 and #2, you’re welcome!

Fashionable Feet

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You know how naked your feet can feel when you are lounging by the pool in a nice hotel… you have your best swimsuit on, with a fancy sarong or floaty cover-up to hand, perhaps a stylish sunhat and a matching bag… yet even with a colourful pedicure, something seems to be missing.

If you really want to accessorise to within an inch of your life, these lace and crochet decorations might catch your eye. They won’t mind getting wet, they don’t have slippery soles, they take up no room at all in your bag, but they give you just the pretty accent you need to saunter barefoot to the bar.

The lace strips are the simplest, the others use elasticated thread for loops that go round your ankle and over your big toe, or just a string with a flower on the end to wind around your leg. Even the beaded designs are surprisingly comfortable and whichever ones I choose, they make me feel like I have tried to fit in on those occasions I find myself beside a 5* pool.

I bought all of these in New York, but if you are handy with a crochet hook or a beading needle you could probably run up something to match your swimwear very quickly.

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Printed Handbags

pink 2

Some things just grab your attention in such a way that you know you have to have them, which is what happened to us with these bags.

All the details are printed on, but the effect is so realistic that you have to be very close indeed before you can tell for sure. The fabric is high quality with a silky finish, the insides have a sturdy base and zippered pocket, plus there are both long and short straps to choose between. They even have that ‘Tardis’-like quality of being able to hold an amazing amount without looking stuffed, which makes them ideal for taking on planes as your ‘personal item’ on top of your hand carry case.

In fact, even though they were quite pricey at around ¥8,000 – ¥12,000 depending on the size, we like and use these so much that we have been back to the store in Omotesando to buy more.

Hair Charms


hair deco 1 hair deco 2 hair deco 3

I spotted these in Selfridges in London, and was initially intrigued. Hair charms are apparently designed to clip onto corn row style braids, but I suppose if you were careful you could attach them to almost any sort of hairstyle if you wanted.

These seemed to be pretty expensive, at around £14 for a packet of gold or silver plated rings – only some of which had charms attached. Cheaper items were also on sale, including small safety pins painted in bright colours, which I feel sure I could have turned out myself quite easily for a lot less than the £5 per tiny bag.

To be honest, whilst these were an interesting idea, they reminded me of the tiny glittery plastic butterfly clips that my daughters and their friends used to wear when they were playing dressing-up. That was when they were in pre-school, which is possibly why I didn’t see a single grown-up wearing these new versions…







‘Dry’ Tote Bag


You don’t have to live in the tropics for rain to be a nuisance – it is deeply annoying, wherever you are, to arrive home with bag and purchases dripping wet. But what if your bag was actually a ‘dry’ bag?

These incredibly useful things, most often available in lurid colours and basic shapes as a vital part of hiking kit, do exactly what they say. Even the flimsiest of them keep your valuables, especially electronics, safe from horrible weather, sometimes even from an unscheduled underwater dip.

So it was very exciting when I found a smart tote bag made of this special fabric, in black. It has strong handles, a pocket inside and – most interestingly – a covered zip that closes so securely that you have to squeeze the air out first, to keep the bag flat.

It looks so good that I have been stopped and asked where I got this, which was at the Design Centre shop here in Singapore. Although at the time I was hesitant to pay the (for me, pretty expensive) S$70 price, it has proved to be worth every cent.

It comes from Rains, a Danish firm which makes stylish and fashionable weatherproof goods including coats, trousers and rain boots as well as a full range of bags, and it has worked so well that I am now considering one of their jackets as well.