Adzuki Bean Latte

Adzuki Bean Latte

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Where I come from, beans are strictly a savoury item. In most places in Asia, however, culinary boundaries tend to blur in an alarming fashion, and beans top the list of unexpectedly deployed ingredients.

For the most part, they turn up as toppings in desserts – red beans, green, beans, even sweetcorn frequently appear scattered over shaved ice with sticky syrups, or mashed into a sweet paste inside buns.

Or they can make a surprise appearance in drinks…

Here’s an adzuki bean latte, tricked out with whipped cream and strawberry syrup. It is absolutely the last thing I would pick from a normal menu, which might give you some idea of what else was on offer at this particular café.

Yet amazingly, it was not even half as bad as I was expecting, although the strawberry syrup helped a lot. The bits of bean skin coming up the straw were slightly disconcerting but overall, in a ‘pink’ sort of way, it was a pleasant drink on a hot afternoon.

I won’t be rushing back to order another, but it was surprisingly ok.