Qantas Safety Briefing

Qantas Safety Briefing

How many of you frequent flyers pay any attention to the safety briefing? Thought so – no matter how clearly the crew stresses the need to watch and remember, because every plane is different, almost everyone on board your average flight has their nose buried in the magazine, is switching off their phone or simply looking out of the window.

Not even cute cartoon versions can draw the eye for long, which is presumably why Australian carrier Qantas has come up with this hilarious and gripping variation. It has apparently been around for a while but has only just come to my notice, and even if you have seen it before it has to be worth a re-watch.

It lasts 5 minutes, took only 12 days to film, and stars real Australians doing their thing in 16 breath-taking locations. Qantas have produced humorous takes on the safety briefing before, but this one stands out with the way it ‘matches’ the location to the point it is making – the no-smoking rule, for example, is explained by a Tasmanian fisherman who smokes trout, and the brace position is demonstrated by a yoga class.

Catch it courtesy of YouTube here: