Black Milk

Black Milk

Not something to drink, but an online Australian fashion house that specialises in clothes made from stretchy nylon material with amazing designs.

If you want mermaid leggings printed with shimmering green scales, a Batman swim suit (complete with cape) or a full length dress that looks like Monet’s waterlilies, this is the place to try. Fans of some of the more popular fantasy franchises, including Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, can also find plenty of interest here.

Daughter #2 is hooked on the brand, and days when one of their their trademark black shiny envelopes drop into the mailbox are red letter days indeed.

What I like most of all is their inside out dresses, made from fabric which is somehow printed with a contrasting design on the other side. They are a miracle of construction, and a positive showstopper if you decide to return from the Ladies in what looks like a completely different outfit halfway through the night.

Not to mention, obviously, that you get 2 for the space of 1 when packing light for a trip.

Pictured above – Tartan v Koi and Amethyst v Aurora…