Baby High Heels

Baby High Heels

I’m really not sure what I think about these. Are they very silly? Yes. Do I think it is a good idea to train baby girls into thinking they need to dress up in slinky footwear? No. Would I buy some if I had granddaughters?  Hmmm…. I actually might… even at S$12.90 a pair, if only as part of some costume, like baby’s first Halloween.

There’s a bit of a disconnect going on here, starting with the fact that I refused to buy shoes for daughters #1 and #2 until they could walk. Up to that point, I thought they would do far better with their bare feet in touch with whatever they were trying to walk on. These particular items, however, cannot seriously be designed for anything but decoration – the heels are softly padded and fold down immediately, so would seriously hamper the progress of any toddler trying to walk in them.

But they are cute and rather witty, more of a joke than anything slightly sinister. And anyone who has seen how much fun little girls can have playing with grown-up shoes might reasonably consider adding some of these to the dressing-up box.