Opuro Bath Salts

Opuro Bath Salts

The Hayakawa Valve Production Co. is a fairly unlikely candidate for the manufacture of perfumed bath salts – they usually make water purifiers for safe and palatable drinking water. Opuro salts, apparently, are the result of experiments to produce purified bath water as well.

Many countries use chlorine to sterilise tap water and make it fit for consumption, but some of the chemical always remains in the water and gives it that unpleasant taste and smell, plus the potential to irritate your skin. This bath powder contains ingredients including Vitamin C and amino acids to reduce the amount of residual chlorine in tap water to virtually none, which ought to have a noticeable effect on anyone suffering from dry and sensitive skin.

Collagen and hyaluronic acid are added for a moisturising effect, plus green tea and papain for a refreshing feeling that should last long after you have stepped out of the bath.

This all sounds so scientific and comforting that I would really like to be able to say I noticed a big difference. But in fact, if I hadn’t seen the explanatory leaflet next to these sachets amongst all the other varieties of bath salt in the shop, I would never have known the difference.

Still, my bath (pink water, with the smell of flowers of the southern counties) was very nice, and I loved the idea of this range being ‘cosmetics for bathing’. I’m sure that if sensitive skin is an issue for you, these bath salts would be ideal.