Penguin Cool Bath

Penguin Cool Bath

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Sometimes I have to try things even though I’m pretty sure I’m not going to like them much, and this particular product falls firmly into that category.

I love a bath, but definitely prefer the water to be as hot as possible. The last time I willingly stepped into a cool bath was shortly after moving to Tokyo for the first time, many years ago – the air con wasn’t working and the temperature in September was so hot and humid after autumnal London that I thought I was going to expire. Keeping the tub full and taking regular dips seemed the best way of staying cool…

This sachet of Japanese Cool Bath Liquid, spotted in Tokyu Hands, brought back a few memories, and although these days I am more than accustomed to constant heat and humidity, I was curious as to how the contents would work.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the bright blue colour and fresh minty smell made it feel very much like I was bathing in mouthwash. Possibly the menthol in the product is supposed to have a cooling effect on the skin, but the only thing I could really feel was a decidedly uncomfortable prickling sensation in certain delicate areas.

To be honest, this was a bit of a waste of a good bath.

Hot Bath Salts

salts-1 salts-2

The Japanese love their hot baths, and such are the health giving properties of soaking up to your neck in a communal tub, chatting and relaxing, that heavily subsidised public bath houses are still found in most neighbourhoods.

For those who prefer to bathe in privacy, or who fancy spicing up their dip with bubbles and salts, there are countless exciting products on sale.

Amongst them I found this, a sachet of ‘hot’ salts which promised a 20 minute soak that was as good for you as 2 hours of strenuous exercise.

Daughter #2, fresh off a 12 hour plane ride and keen to feel better without actually working for it, volunteered to give these a try. Perhaps she should have left it a day or two longer, because a combination of exhaustion, jet lag, and the unaccustomed experience of spending time in hot water in an already steamy climate, left her fit for nothing but 16 hours asleep…