Heels Diva

Heels Diva

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Singapore is a great place for dressing up. A typical outfit for a day at the office here seems to be the sort of cocktail dress and high heels combo that you’d probably only see at Christmas in the UK, and  makes morning rush hour on the MRT a fascinating experience.

If you are already dressed to kill by breakfast, you need a great deal more bling in your handbag to carry you on from work to a night out. This is where these shoe accessories come in.

From Heels Diva, amongst other brands, they come as a variety of clips, chains and even heel wraps which you can slip on in seconds to transform your shoes into something special. The clips in particular can be added to front, back or sides of your shoes to suit your current fancy. All of them are small, light, and easy to pop into place.

They aren’t even terribly expensive, with prices ranging from S$20 to S$40, so it is easy to build up a small wardrobe of different designs which makes it look like you own way more pairs of evening shoes than you actually do. One or two in your suitcase can also transform the single pair of heels you packed to cover a variety of unexpectedly smart situations on a holiday or business trip.

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Nail Bling

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There was a fashion in Japan not so long ago, which involved loading your nails with 3d decorations… beads and bows, Hello Kitty buttons and suchlike. The real trendsetters even pierced their nails to dangle bits of crystal on chains.

It was cute – well, if you were a very girlie teenager – but looked like it might make everyday life incredibly difficult to accomplish. I mean, it was hard to imagine how anyone could do something even as simple as washing their hands without causing irreparable damage to the works of art on their nails.

This is the cheats version, ready decorated nails which are attached to a discreet metal spiral that slides over your fingertip. Instant bling, which can be slipped off in a flash if you need to be doing something more useful than strolling round Harajuku. As you can buy these individually, just one on a little finger might be all the decoration that you need.