Cookie Ice Cream

Cookie Ice Cream

And not just any old cookie, but cute decorated cookies like bears, frogs and your favourite cartoon characters. Add ears or hair made from cheerios and multi coloured sprinkles, and you have a work of art in your hand rather than just a naughty snack.

These ice cream sandwiches are from Bonca in Thailand, and despite their appearance, take just minutes to put together. You choose your cookie and ice cream flavour, point out your favourite sprinkles, and get a huge portion in return for only 125 baht. It was actually too much for me to finish, even though the strawberry ice cream I settled on was full of real strawberry pieces and seriously delicious.

I know, I really should be buying things like this for the children in my life rather than myself but mai pen raiā€¦ some treats are simply too adorable to resist.