Book Vending Machine

Book Vending Machine

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Tiong Bahru in Singapore is a hive of hipster cafes, boutiques and independent stores. Its 1920s low-rise apartment blocks have a charming retro look, and its famous wet market includes Michelin starred food stalls. It’s a cool place to stroll, shop and snack on a lazy weekend afternoon.

In this increasingly electronic age, book shops are a disappearing breed, but there is one fabulous example here which fits in very well with the old fashioned neighbourhood feel. If you turned up after closing time, however, all is not lost – BooksActually have installed a vending machine on the pavement outside.

For a fairly reasonable (for Singapore, anyway) S$19, you can choose from a curated selection of reads. More interestingly, you can throw caution to the winds and select a ‘Mystery Book’, hoping you score something to your taste.

I didn’t actually try this, but I was very taken by the idea and hope it is a permanent fixture. If anyone has tried their luck with this, please let me know what you got!