Korean Beauty Adverts

Korean Beauty Adverts

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In what is sometimes described as the ‘war of the sexes’, a fascinating about turn can be seen happening in South Korea.

Sit and watch the world go by in Seoul’s cosmetics heaven of Meyong-dong, and you will see that 9 out of 10 teenage girls passing by are model pretty with makeup to match. Yet look at the adverts in all the beauty stores, or even some of the packaging illustrations, and it is boys you see promoting the latest skin care products.

I’m told these are usually celebrity boy band members, which might explain their flawless skin, perfect cheekbones and immaculate eyeliner. Presumably their pretty faces are more appealing to local ladies than some more generic picture of the ingredients in the face masks and creams they are gracing. They are all out there advertising clothes and other things as well – Korean teenage boys must be under so much pressure to look this good you have to feel sorry for them!