Breath and Belly Mints

Breath and Belly Mints

This is a breath freshener with a difference – a tiny bead within a bead which promises to freshen up not only your mouth but also your belly. You can even play a ‘maze’ game with the beads inside their packet, as their name – Nude – stands up in big letters on the base.

Nude comes from Japanese pharmaceutical company Morishita Jintan, and is available in several flavours, but each of them works in the same way. When you pop the bead into your mouth, the outer gelatin layer dissolves to give a very strong minty flavour. The inner bead has a thicker coating, and you are supposed to swallow that so it dissolves in your stomach. This apparently allows the essential herb extract oil inside to work on the contents of your gut and prevent further bad breath from forming.

It’s an ingenious idea, and whilst I can’t say I am sure the second bead really does work as advertised, I certainly felt it had a big effect on my breath and the general feeling of freshness in my mouth.

I bought these in Thailand but will be looking out for more when I visit Japan next week.