Rent a Blanket?

Rent a Blanket?

There are national carriers, there are budget airlines, and then there is AirAsia.

Of all the companies offering cheap flights around the region, this is the one that really makes me tired. And it’s not just because wherever you are heading to, it will involve spending half the night waiting for a connection in the dismal Low Cost Carrier Terminal at Kula Lumpur airport.

It can’t be an accident that once you have had your water bottle taken away, there is nothing on sale with which to replace it but flimsy plastic cups which you can barely drink from without spilling. Not to mention that bringing your own snacks on board is not allowed – you are literally forced to spend money on the plane.

And for those passengers who had the forethought to eat heartily before the flight, there is still no escape.

Most airlines like to turn the heat up on an overnight flight, so it lulls everyone to sleep. They then cool the cabin down in time to wake everyone up for breakfast before landing. Not AirAsia… I was shocked to realise that the temperature had been turned down so low that I was absolutely freezing.

At which point I discovered that blankets are not just handed out – you have to RENT them. It’s only 10RM, which isn’t going to break the bank, but it is the principle of the thing that infuriates me, especially as they take them back one whole hour before the plane lands, which is quite a long time to shiver.

I like a budget flight as much as the next person, so now I board AirAsia planes wearing thermals and with a sweater and jacket in my hand carry.

There was a joke going the rounds in the UK not that long ago, that one of our own budget carriers was going to start charging passengers to use the toilet in flight. I hope this idea never comes to the attention of AirAsia…